"Shortly after my husband Trevor passed away at the Sarcee Hospice, I was given a DVD by the Social Worker that was produced by reflections Video Biography.  She said that the DVD was made by Derek Demierre free of charge; exactly one week prior to Trevor's passing.  I watched the DVD immediately upon arriving at my home.   I showed parts of the DVD to my parents and my father commented, "How blessed you are to have this.  This is like gold.  I wish I had something like this of my father."

In this DVD Trevor talks to me about his memories of our past life, present life, and our pet.  He laughs, cries and even teases me.  He consoles me and encourages me to continue to live my life after his passing.  Over and over Trevor tells me how much he loves me and what a wonderful life we have had as husband and wife.

The first time I watched this DVD I was made aware of how comfortable Trevor seemed in speaking to the camera, even when he reminisced about some private and intimate moments we had shared.  I wondered whether Derek was in the room.  I later asked Derek whether he was present and he said he needed to be, to ensure the camera continued to record, but commented that he kept himself occupied to allow Trevor to feel at ease.  The lead me to believe that Derek was sensitive to Trevor's needs and I really appreciated that Trevor felt relaxed to say what was on his mind.

I watch this DVD daily and thank God for this gift of being able to hear Trevor's voice and see him whenever I want.  Sometimes I cry throughout and, at other times, I smile and laugh.  I watch it when I feel lonely or just when I want to spend time with him.

I am so grateful to Reflections Video Biography for giving me this gift.  This DVD has become one of my most treasured possessions.  In fact, I asked Derek to make me five more copies just to ensure that I will always have one to play for the rest of my life."

Sincerely,  Swedini Halliday

"Psychological and spiritual research shows that part of the developmental task of aging is to do a life review, and we've experienced with our patients the positive benefits they get from having someone like Marguerite walk with them through this process."

Dr. Elaine Stapon, Physician Psychotherapist

"I just picked up and reviewed my Video Biography and I wanted to thank you for crafting such a wonderful product.  Your sensitivity and understanding helped create a biography that truly reflects the message that I want to convey for those who view my video.

I understand that a lot of creativity, time and effort went into the editing process, which you have provided free of charge.  This is truly a labour of love and reflects your commitment to your clients.

Thank you again for such a wonderful, worthwhile product and a much needed service.  You certainly deserve our recommendation to any of our friends that is in need of your expertise."

Best regards,  Jean Quon

"Incompetent on the computer, for many years I contemplated writing my biography but to no avail.  Procrastination held me in a vicelike grip.  The hope of sharing my numerous life experiences since emigrating from Scotland as a young girl seemed to flicker like a dying ember.  However that ember was rekindled when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer one year ago. That, coupled with age, motivated my desire to put my story in writing.  My cancer social worker from the Tom Baker clinic allayed my doubt about taking action through writing via a pamphlet introduction Reflections Video Biographies.

This is the brainchild of Marguerite and Derek Demierre.  Their expertise, talent and empathy are amazing and they present as friends.  Reflections Video Biographies is a long overdue tool to honour the contributions made by our senior residents.  It is also a valuable way to encapsulate memorable experiences for all age groups.  That they gave so freely of their time, talent and caring so freely surprised me.

The cost of Marguerite and Derek's time, energy, travel expenses (several visits were made to my home), lighting and video equipment as well as computer software and hardware need not be borne byt them.  Granted, there has been a curtailment in arts and/or health funding, however, the progress of this worthy venture must not be limited.

I have no hesitation to suggest that financial help is imperative lest this truly unique blending of art and therapy folds.  Therefore, I would take this opportunity to highly recommend that Reflections Video Biographies receive generous funding from all available sources to support this new venture.  The rewards to the receiver are incalculable"

Most sincerely,  Catherine Hordos

"The best thing about it (working with Reflections Video Biographies) is that it reached out to a lot of people.  A life review is of inestimable value.  It was of value to me because it gave me a chance to think back on what I had done as a younger person."

Betty Lander

"Marguerite is a consummate professional who helped our residents to unlock their memories in order to create personal histories and mementos of their lives.  Reflections Video Biographies track, show and share the experiences of the people they work with."

Valerie Bracey RSW, Marketing Manager, Trinity Lodge

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