"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens

The Ghost of Christmas Present The Show

An Evening of Dickens is a fabulous dramatic reading of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, performed by Ontario actor and Town Crier Andrew Welch.  His celebrated performance of this timeless classic is about two hours of suspense, Christmas magic, extraordinary characters, and captivating energy.

"When my mom told me about this event around this time last year, I must admit I was pretty skeptical.  As an actor myself, I can appreciate a good dramatic performance as much as anyone, but I couldn't fathom how one man's reading of A Christmas Carol, a story we've all heard a thousand times, could entertain an audience for hours on end.  But the performance Andrew delivered on that cold December night was truly unlike any dramatic display I'd ever seen.  The passion, the emotion, the rhythm, the delivery, everything was flawless. He engaged me immediately, and didn't lose my attention at any point throughout.  The accents, the enunciation, every subtle vocal nuance, was executed to perfection.  What started out as a dreaded event I was unwillingly dragged out to by my family turned into one of the most memorable experiences of my Christmas vacation."  -  K. Klassen, Erin, 2014